Hi! We're an events company creating immersive,  theatrical experiences in exciting environments.

Based between London/UK & Reykjavík/Iceland,
working worldwide.

Our Work

Past, Present and Future

Kassinn / A Box In The Desert

Interactive theatre experience in VR

Imagine one day, you wake up inside an invisible box, unable to escape. Kassinn is an engaging, but playful, interactive theatre performance with a live actor in virtual reality. Will you trust this mysterious stranger? Or listen to the voice in your head, trying to get you out?

The concept initially began as a short play by Nanna, written and performed in a conventional theatre in 2016 – after which we came up with the idea to re-create this piece in VR. The first version was premiered in Reykjavík in August 2017 in collaboration with motion capture experts PuppIT, before it was developed for a longer run in July 2018, at the Reykjavik Fringe Festival.

The show has since picked up awards at STOFF 2018, A MAZE. Berlin 2019, and since toured in Brighton, London, Los Angeles and San Diego, with more international dates to come.

One person at a time experiences the piece inside of a 2 x 2m physical space, whilst the actor performs in a separate physical space. For our first outing, we used the Xsens motion capture suit (expertly handled by PuppIT), but currently the show involves two Oculus Rift setups, sharing the same virtual space using multiplayer networking.

We have received funding to develop the show further in 2020 and bring the piece to even wider audiences, so watch this space!

August 2017, Menningarnótt, IS

July 2018, Reykjavík Fringe Festvial, IS

September 2018, Stockholm Fringe Festival, SE

April 2019, A MAZE. Berlin, DE

May 2019, Brighton Fringe, UK

May 2019, Jackson's Lane Theatre London, UK

May 2019, Los Angeles (Private showings), USA

June 2019, San Diego Fringe, USA

Credits & Links



Nanna Gunnars, Astor Agustsson

VR development & co-director:

Owen Hindley

Motion Capture:



Iris Thorarins

Sound design:

Ragnar Hrafnkelsson, Calvin Cooke

3D Design:

Jacob Andersson

Concept Development:

Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson

Thanks to:


Supported by Landsbankinn

WINNER : Best Interactive Narrative Experience, Raindance Immersive 2019

WINNER : Most Amazing Game Award 2019, A MAZE. Berlin 2019

WINNER : Innovation in Performance, Stockholm International Fringe Festival 2018

WINNER : Outstanding USA Premiere, San Diego International Fringe Festival 2019

NOMINATED : GRAND PRIX, Stockholm International Fringe Festival 2018

AWARDED : Sold Out Show, Reykjavik Fringe Festival 2018

The Hidden People (Working Title)

Collaboration with circus artists Hikapee

The Hidden People is a work-in-progress project, where Huldufugl is collaborating with our friends Hikapee to create a brand new show that combines Icelandic folklore, circus / aerial arts, performance and creative technology. 

Our story concerns the Hidden People, a group of mysterious beings often held responsible in Icelandic stories for sudden good fortune or misfortune, disappearances, unexpected occurences and madness. We are using these myths as a way to deal with modern environmental issues, in our case the building of hydroelectric dams in Iceland.

Work in progress, 2018-onwards

Reykjavík, Iceland, London, UK

Following an R&D period in Iceland in December 2018, and again in the UK in February 2019, we had our first sharing at Jackson's Lane Theatre in March 2019. We are now in our second R&D phase, further developing the fusion of circus arts, storytelling and technology.

Photos by Robin Boot Photography

Of Monsters And Men : Fever Dream Day

Street Performance; Public Happening

International Icelandic superstar rock band Of Monsters And Men contacted Huldufugl to create a beautifully bizzare, attention-grabbing street performance to celebrate the both launch of their latest album Fever Dream, and their upcoming headline concert at Iceland Airwaves 2019.

Eight masked, black-clad dancers run, crawl, pirouette and parade their way through downtown Reykjavik, performing a choreographed dance routine at key locations, starting and ending alongside a live painting performance by Jón Sæmundur Auðarson. 

We immediately contacted our friend and long-time collaborator Juliette Louste to act as choreographer, and FWD Youth Dance Company as our dance talent.


Each dancer, performing as a character from the band's 'Alligator' music video, carried a hidden portable speaker connected to a custom-made internet radio station, created by Huldufugl. As the performers moved around the town, a synchronised soundtrack accompanied them without any visible equipment.

A member of Huldufugl followed the group around the route, blending into the crowd and able to trigger the 'Alligator' recording for the choeographed dance routine at the correct time, as well as a number of other cues to instruct the dancers to come together, break apart, or move onto the next position.

Credits & Links



Nanna Gunnars,  FWD Youth Company : Andrea Urður Hafsteinsdóttir, Anna Guðrún Tómasdóttir Bjartey Elín Hauksdóttir, Emilie Anne, Emma Eyþórsdóttir, Juliette Louste, Júlía Kolbrún Sigurðardóttir, Kolfinna Ingólfsdóttir


Juliette Louste

Techincal Implementation & Sound Design:

Owen Hindley


Of Monsters And Men


Sigurþór Hallbjörnsson

In addition to the daytime performance, the dancers also appeared on stage to perform 'Alligator' with the band during the headline show, a performance which was captured by Icelandair and livestreamed to Times Square, NYC :

Askur Yggdrasils : Völundarhús

Immersive, public, outdoor art installation

Transforming a former car park in central Reykjavík, Huldufugl created a 370 square metre immersive public art installation. A maze, drawing inspiration from Nordic mythology and the poetic Edda.

Built over six weeks from shipping pallets and spare timber, Askur Yggdrasils opened on Culture Night (Menningarnótt), where over 1,500 people of all ages queued up to lose themselves inside.

Entering one at a time, and lasting anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, the audience were able to explore a series of interconnected rooms and corridors, with unique set design and installations ranging from hanging ice sculptures to origami, VHS tape, vintage TVs, mirrors and interactive sound works.

Lucky visitors at certain times were able to catch one of the live performances from musicians, dancers, choirs and circus artists.

In total, over sixteen unique spaces were created by 24 contributing artists, enjoyed by over 3,000 visitors over the four week opening.

The project was part funded by Landsbankinn, and made with some incredible support from The Travelling Embassy of Rockall.

20th August - 20th September 2016

Reykjavík, Iceland

From the guestbook:

"Highlight of our stay! Thank you!" - Boston, USA
"We got high and broke in again, thanks!" - Unknown
"We kept retracing our steps to make sure we hadn't missed anything" - Germany
"This was piss easy" - Angry Icelandic eight-year-old

Aa / Helvetica

A Celebration of Typography, Graphic Design, and Helvetica

April 2016

Deptford Cinema, London, UK


Presenting Aa, a party inspired by design, typography, and Helvetica Neue 65 Medium.

Featuring a screening of Helvetica by Gary Hustwit, interactive type installations, poetry by Angela Brodie, live reading by John McGhee, personal illustration by Alexander Luttley, and live music from MIMRA.

Nanna and Owen created a number of installations and performances for the show : A typographic tasting menu / A touchscreen/projection work allowing the user to see how the user of different typeface affected the perceived tone of a number of different pieces of prose; from Pulp Fiction to Lady Chatterley's Lover / A font quiz show, with a host represented only by words typed (in different fonts) onto the projector, live / A VJ performance to accompany MIMRA.


The Reform Club Presents: A Journey Into The Unknown

With House Of Q

May 2016

Reykjavík, Iceland

We took 25 specially invited guests on a Journey Into the Unknown - meeting at a secret location, before being brought into The Reform Club; a private, members-only institution about to embark on an adventure.

An intimate, immersive experience featuring the 1956 classic “Around The World In 80 Days”, led by and including performances by international caberet group House Of Q.



The House Of Q


An Immersive Icelandic Experience

March 2016

Deptford Cinema, London, UK

A sold-out immersive Icelandic experience inside Deptford's oldest cinema, which featured a special screening of Heima by Sigur Rós, Iceland photography exhibition by Nick Miners, live music by Mimra & ÍRiS, an art exhibition by Ella Rósinkrans, and Icelandic delicacies.



Huldufugl has been inspired by new forms of theatrical and event-based experiences, combined with advances in performance technology and VR.

Huldufugl flies well with others, and is always open to collaboration.

The company ​is based in Reykjavík, Iceland, but has worldwide migratory ambitions.

The name means 'Hidden Bird' in Icelandic.

Don't worry, one of the founders struggles to pronounce it too, even though he came up with it.



Nanna Gunnars


Nanna works with interactive & physical theatre across Europe, in promenades and one-on-one performances for companies such as Secret Cinema, Look Left Look Right, Nutkhut, RedIsGo (Microsoft / Salesforce) & Stella Polaris. She lends her voice to a number of projects as well, such as Sumer Game and Icelandic travel videos for Guide to Iceland.

She is also the Director of the Reykjavík Fringe Festival, since its first edition in 2018.

She produces and regularly hosts Rauða skáldahúsið, or Poetry Brothel Reykjavik, performing as Madame Karítas.

She has appeared at a variety of festivals, including Glastonbury, The Edinburgh Fringe & Bestival. 

Owen Hindley


Based between London & Reykjavík, he works with software, electronics, light and sound to create cutting-edge experiences, shows and games.

In addition, he is also co-founder of Horizons Studio, a company making interactive music-focused experiences in virtual reality.

His commercial clients have included Google, Microsoft / Xbox, adidas, Universal Music, FIELD and The Beatles.

More information about his work can be found at owenhindley.co.uk


Let's make things happen.


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